Today is the one-year anniversary of waking up next to this sweetest face in the whole world, which sits just atop the fullest, truest, kindest heart I’ve ever met.

I made a new best friend last year when I walked into a bar and hugged this shy-looking dude, and four hours later we closed it down (NOT to be confused with “shut it down,” Todd). I called my friend the next day and told her how kind and good he seemed. “Oh, he’s nice. So that means you don’t like him, right?” No, the opposite…! Finally, the opposite. Time to be attracted to a good person, a nice person. I’d had enough of addicts, of tortured egomaniacs. 

Soon thereafter I went to Turkey for 3 weeks, and we had to get to know one another via email; I read his letters hungrily while the 5-daily country-wide prayers echoed out from the minarets into my tiny hotel rooms.  

When I returned, I asked him to be my Official Boyfriend over Apple Pan burgers and pie, which is my way of saying, go to Apple Pan and order the burgers and pie, because they are so good they’re INSPIRATIONAL. 

Half-apologies for stuffing your tumblr dashboard to the gills with photos of our bourgeoning love over the past year, you guys. It’s hard not to share something that feels so wonderful. Which is why there’s an equal amount of photos of dogs and food on here - JOIN THE LOVE, I SAY! Also, don’t forever judge everyone on a fucking first moment impression, because to be fair Tyler was wearing light-washed wide-leg jeans with white sneakers on our first date, and I was saintly enough to look past that. Cool that’s all the advice I have for now.

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